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Platinous J series

Overview of Equipment

ESPEC Platinous J series lineup updated with low GWP refrigerants

127 different models allow you to choose the size and performance best suited for your test applications. ESPEC environmentally friendly products make your business more sustainable.

New refrigeration system "Smart R&D System" (patent no. 5514787)

An ESPEC original refrigerator system that delivers the high levels of energy savings and performance

Make your own chamber with a variety of options

Extended choice of options fitted to your testing. Select your chamber from the door, refrigeration system, instrumentation, language and so much more! Over 60 options to choose from; order only what you need.

Network solutions

Control and monitor your chamber on-site or remotely, edit and transfer programs from one chamber to another, and receive email alerts even on your mobile.



New network controller allows monitoring and programming the chamber via any PC, mobile devices on your network.

Tabbed interface

High resolution 7inch LCD. Tabs along the bottom of the screen can be used to navigate to other screens quickly and easily. A "slide label" feature displays the name of an navigation destination when you touch an icon with your finger, for user-friendly navigation between screens. You can change the display language to your preferred language at any time.

Operation control and monitoring from web browser

Ethernet connection enables to control the chamber operation and modify the settings online (web browser). You can operate from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Test program downloads

Program patterns based on main international standards are now available on ESPEC’s reliability testing website, TEST NAVI. Download the desired program patterns from your PC, and transfer it to your chamber via USB flash drive.

* Registration (free) to the TEST NAVI website is required to download programs.

E-mail alert

You can receive email to alert chamber troubles.



Test Navi

The most energy efficient ever: Energy savings of up to 70% over previous models.

Technology allying high performance and energy-savings

Thanks to various means of refrigeration control, and optimization of the heating/ cooling capacities via the N- instrumentation, our chambers can achieve up to 70% energy-saving.

New refrigeration circuit

Extended water flow control and minimum refrigeration capacity are achieved thanks to our "Smart Refrigerator & Dehumidifier system". This technology allows reducing electrical consumption while creating a very accurate environment inside the chamber.

Sub-circuit for further savings

Models equipped with a sub-refrigerator achieve great eco operation. The refrigeration circuit switches between refrigerators to optimize the chamber consumption according to the minimum required power.

Make your own chamber with a variety of options

A variety of options to modify flexibly

Create your "just-fit" chamber by ordering only what you need. To take door as an example, choose a door with or without window, with or without hand-in ports, the number of hand-in ports, etc. Numerous options are also available as retrofit kits.

Wide-view door compatibility extended (Option) PL/PR/PU-2,3,4

Dew controlled all-glass door is ideal for physical observation; now available for several models. Multi-layer EC glass able to withstand temperatures from -40 to +120°C. Hand-in ports on the glass can be an optimum choice (patent no. 4137894)

Electrochromic viewing window

Switches opacity to transparent state by chamber lamp. The test area can be observed while the lamp is on.

Cable ports on both sides (option)

Possible to install a cable port on the right side (option), thanks to a redesign of the internal space (machinery, customized space, etc.)

Trace-back function and online diagnostic service

A feature in the controller allows to automatically save test data tracing back just before the chamber error occurs. The test data can be exported to USB flash drive. Send data to the Customer Support Desk via our website for effective and quick troubleshooting. Save time and money by minimizing on-site visits and analysis time.

Door variation

Electrochromic viewing window

Lamp on

Lamp off

Right side cable port (option)