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Laboratory Testing Services


Laboratory Testing Services

A full range of test equipment worthy of a leader in environmental test chambers

ESPEC's test equipment is designed to handle many different quality and reliability evaluation applications. From standard temperature chambers to altitude test chambers and other specialized equipment, our equipment can handle testing ranging from semiconductor and aircraft equipment evaluations to secondary battery safety tests. We can also plan and provide testing tailored to client needs. Our equipment is upgraded continually to meet increasingly diverse client needs.

Officially recognized reliability and impartiality

ESPEC test facilities have advanced technical capabilities and management and operating capacities, which are certified under a range of systems regulated by official institutions. All ESPEC test facilities are ISO/IEC17025 certified by the Japan Accreditation Board (JAB).

Test design encompassing peripheral systems

We can plan and implement testing tailored to client needs, such as individual test breakdown, standards compliance tests and comprehensive reliability evaluation tests including peripheral measurement system design, measurement and evaluation.

Extensive experience and track record in reliability tests

A long history of outsourced quality evaluation/reliability tests at our test facilities has enabled ESPEC to accumulate extensive technology. We advise clients on test plans, provide and evaluate test results, and assist clients with many aspects of the work of evaluating quality and reliability.

Testing Machine list

Other Available Testing

  • Corrosion Test ( CCT , SST , CASS )
  • Weather Ability Test ( SWOM , Carbon arc , Xenon arc , QUV etc. )
  • Water Resistance Test
  • Static Strength Test
  • Vibration Durability Test
  • Material Properties Test
  • Fracture Analysis
  • X-Ray CT Inspection
  • Ozone Resistance Test
  • Dust Resistance Test
  • Fatigue Durability Test
  • Impact Test
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Foreign Substance Analysis
  • 3D Shape Inspection

*** We can consider another test condition also ***

Those testing will be supported by our cooperated third-party company.