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Industrial Ovens High Performance Clean Oven

ISO Class 5 clean oven

Thanks to HEPA filters, and an horizontal laminar circulation system, baking, heat treatment or drying of components requiring clean air conditions can be conducting in our High Performance Clean Oven. The PVHC model provides stable performance even during heat up or pull down at high temperatures of +150°C or more.

Zero contamination test area

All internal joints are welded to ensure an airtight structure, and prevents insulation materials' leak from joints.

Instrumentation according to applications

Standard instrumentation or M-instrumentation available, from simple heat-treatment application to more elaborated temperature-characteristics testing.


Model Temperature range Inside / Outside dimensions (mm)
PVC-212 Ambient temp.
+60°C (+108°F) to +200°C (+392°F)
W580×H530×D580 / W770×H1280×D1025
PVC-232 W580×H1130×D580 / W770×H1880×D1025
PVC-332 W800×H1130×D750 / W1030×H1880×D1210
PVHC-212 Ambient temp.
+60°C (+108°F) to +350°C (+662°F)
W580×H530×D580 / W770×H1280×D1025
PVHC-232 W580×H1130×D580 / W770×H1880×D1025
PVHC-332 W800×H1130×D750 / W1030×H1880×D1210
PVHC-232MS Ambient temp.
+60°C (+108°F) to +300°C (+572°F)
W580×H1130×D530 / W770×H1880×D1025
PVHC-332MS W800×H1130×D700 / W1030×H1880×D1210