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E Series Walk-In Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber

Overview of Equipment

Energy-saving challenge

The E Series has a newly designed walk-in type chamber that has ecology in mind. It features various new technology and designs that reduces power consumption by as much as 60% (compared to conventional models) to save energy and boost performance.

Significant reduction in power consumption

The new refrigeration system controls the refrigeration capacity with high accuracy and achieves significant power savings.

Communication network

It features remote monitoring, data transfer via USB flash drive, e-mail alerts when an abnormality occurs, and more.

Meets your performance requirements

Combined with the ideal air conditioner unit to meet the test area capacity and specimen heat load, this system enables selection of the required model.

Main specifications

Temperature & humidity chamber Temperature & humidity chamber
-40 to +80°C 10 to 95%rh 1 type: 4.2m³
2 type: 8.1m³
3 type: 12.5m³
4 type: 16.8m³
6 type: 25.8m³
8 type: 34.8m³
10 type: 43.8m³
12 type: 52.7m³
Air-cooled or water-cooled
Temperature & humidity chamber
-30 to +80°C 10 to 95%rh
Temperature & humidity chamber
-10 to +80°C 20 to 95%rh
Temperature chamber Temperature chamber
-40 to +80°C
Temperature chamber
-30 to +80°C
Temperature chamber
-10 to +80°C


Improving temperature & humidity distribution performance/allowable heat load performance

By improving the airflow, the fan system, and by increasing heat exchanger efficiency, the temperature and humidity distributionhave an even higher degree of precision.

Large screen with space-saving design

The operation unit comes with a 10.4" color LCD display. It is installed to the wall of the chamber to save space. You can choose the point of installation. In addition, it comes standard with a USB flash drive port for data logging.

Remote monitoring

The system comes standard with an Ethernet port to enable monitoring of the test status of LAN-connected equipment from the browser of a computer.

E-mail alerts

In the event of an alarm, receive alarm details to a registered e-mail address.

Download standard tests

Download test condition program patterns from ESPEC's Test Navi reliability test data site to a computer connected to the device and perform standard tests.

* You must be registered to use Test Navi.

Automatic control in test area

The automatic control system enables operation at maximum capacity to the setting and maintains minimum performance after reaching that setting. The system quickly responds to door operation and heat-generation load fluctuations during testing to always ensure a stable test environment.

Online Diagnostics Service

Send the backtrace data by e-mail when a problem occurs, and the cause of the problem will be analyzed and a diagnostic result provided.


New high-accuracy refrigeration system
(Patent No. 5427211)

ESPEC is developing original control systems, such as the wide range refrigerator control system that comprises a DC inverter and electronic expansion valve, and an active map system that controls and operates multiple refrigerators with minimum power consumption. These achieve high performance and wide energy savings.

Equipped with all-weather type LED lamp
(Patent No. 5340985)

LED illumination lights up the entire temperature and humidity control range. Features excellent response when lit up, and the illuminance is 2.5 times and the power consumption is one-fifth that of conventional models.

Frost-free expansion
(Patent No. 5355501)

The system comes standard with a function that automatically defrosts the evaporator simply by setting the time with the instrumentation timer during frost range operation. In addition, the frost-free expansion option uses a low humidity dehumidifying system to ensure a frost-free environment across the entire control range, and it reduces power consumption.

Reduced electrical equipment capacity

With cross output control, the maximum current value is lowered during operation, and the electrical equipment capacity of the test area is reduced. (EBE, EBL, EBR)

Comparison of power use over 1 year

Chamber LED light