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Electromigration Evaluation System (AEM-200)

Electromigration evaluation at 400°C

The operating life of semiconductor devices relies on microfabrication and new materials, and therefore, electromigration evaluation under more rigorous life acceleration conditions is important. This system is equipped with analytical software to obtain the parameters necessary for determining the device life from accurate measurements of the life acceleration factors of temperature and current stress. The AEM-2000 Electromigration Evaluation System features improved operability, reliability, and ease of data analysis for various applications from tip evaluation to production control, and it accurately meets customers' needs for evaluation.

Main specifications

Stress current source Setting ranges +DC0.1mA to 200mA
Following voltage 35V
Extrusion test voltage Setting ranges -10.0 V to -1.0 V and 1.0 V to 20.0 V
Accuracy ±(2% of setting value+20 mV)
Oven Temperature control range +65 to +400°C
Temperature fluctuation width ±0.5°C (+65 to 350°C)
Temperature uniformity ±3.5°C(at300°C)
Accessories Nitrogen gas connecting port

System variation

Model AEM-240C3S
EM module output current Oven 1 200mA 200mA 200mA
Oven 2 200mA 200mA -
Oven 3 200mA /
Number of evaluation channels 240ch 160ch 80ch
DUT board Number of boards 24 (8× 3 ovens) 16 (8× 2 ovens) 8
IC sockets 5 sockets/board (both DIP 28-pin 600 mil and 300 mil)