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Electro-chemical Migration EVALUATION System (AMI)

More accurate evaluation of insulation resistance

As electronic devices become smaller and denser, electro-chemical migration evaluation and insulation evaluation have become more important. This system can constantly monitor these evaluations more accurately and more efficiently. This system enables easy and efficient insulation resistance evaluation and life evaluation when electro-chemical migration occurs, and it has various applications, from low voltage testing to high voltage testing.

Main specifications

Resistance measurement range (Ω) 2.0×105 to 1.0×1013(when 100 V is applied)
2.0×103 to 1.0×1011(when 1 V is applied)
Number of channels Standard 25 channels (maximum 150 channels per rack)
Channel control 5ch、 25ch
Measurement voltage DC1.0 to 100V (0.1V increments)
Leak touch detection function Constant detection at less than 100 µsec
Measuring instrument Keithley (Tektronix, Inc.)