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Temperature Chamber For Charge-Discharge Testing

The Temperature Chamber for Charge-Discharge Testing is specially designed for safety.

A charge/discharge test indispensable for a reliability test of a secondary battery. Charging and discharging are repeated under a certain temperature environment, and battery characteristics and life are evaluated. Our Charge/Discharge Test Chamber allows the selection of the optimum air flow direction depending on the shape and quantity of the battery. In addition, a large pressure relief vent has been installed as a standard to further improve safety.

Uniform temperature distribution

Selection of horizontal or vertical airflow according to the shape and quantity of batteries allows for optimal temperature uniformity.

Standard safety features in case of accident

Large pressure relief vent, emergency stop switch,screw-type door lock

Frost-free continuous operation

Continuous operation at +25ーC and above is possible without defrosting.

Main specifications

Model BTC-408Hb BTC-408Vb BTC-655Hb BTC-655Vb
Airflow direction Airflow in horizontal direction Airflow in vertical direction Airflow in horizontal direction Airflow in vertical direction
Temperature range -40 to +100℃
Temperature heat-up time -30℃→+80℃ in 48 minutes or less -30℃→+80℃ in 70 minutes or less
Temperature pull-down time +25℃→-30℃ in 55 minutes or less +25℃→-30℃ in 75 minutes or less
Temperature uniformity ±0.5℃ ±1.0℃
Allowable heat load 500W(-30℃ when stabilized) 400W(-30℃ when stabilized)
Capacity 408L 655L
Inside dimensions W800xH850xD600mm W1100xH850xD700mm
Outside dimensions W1000xH1790xD1306mm W1300xH1790xD1406mm
Standard equipment Large pressure relief vent, φ100 mm cable port (3 on rear), Screw-type door lock, Flameproof rubber, RS-485 communication function, 3-color status indicator light (with buzzer), Emergency stop switch, Floor reinforcement (Supports 100 kg total load for shelf bracket and floor)