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Total load resistance Shelf load capacity
(Included shelf weight)
Floor load Inside dimension
(W x H x D)
Ramp Rate Range
- - - 3,020 x 2,100 x 1,970 mm Pull down rate : 0.4°C/ min
Heat up rate : 1°C/ min
Temperature : -30°C to +80°C
Humidity : 10% RH to 95% RH


Saving energy –major reduction in power consumption and power equipment capacity

Featuring high precision cooling system with greatly reduced power consumption (Japanese patent number 5427211)

Developed unique control systems, including a wide-range refrigeration control system composed of the DC inverter and an electronic expansion valve to minimize refrigerator power, and the active map system to control and operate multiple refrigerators with minimum power consumption. The system controls the refrigeration capacity with high precision, and is compatible with power saving and large heat generation load. Quick control is also performed when the temperature pulldown rapidly.

Cross-output control reduces power equipment capacity EBE, EBL, EBR

The cross-output control limits the maximum currents of the heater and the humidifier and thereby reducing the power equipment capacity. Also, this feature can also be used to prevent dew condensation through the delayed operation.

Two modes for even more energy savings

The new E Series is eco-friendly as is, but we have an additional energy-saving mode called “Eco-Mode,” to help you further reduce your energy bill.

Interior LED light

All-weather LED lights (Japanese patent number 5340985)

These LED lights now illuminate covering the entire temperature and humidity range. LED luminaires are known for its energy efficiency, long life and excellent response time. Compared to conventional incandescent light, it is about 2.5 times as bright, while using only 1/5th of power.

Eco-mode selection screen

Improving temperature & humidity distribution performance/allowable heat load performance

By improving the airflow, the fan system, and by increasing heat exchanger efficiency, the temperature and humidity distribution have an even higher degree of precision.

Allowable heat generation load comparison

Cycle time defrost system

The standard-equipped defrost system can automatically remove frost from the evaporator when operating in the frosting range by simply setting the time via the cycle timer on the instrumentation.

Frost-free expansion (option) (Japanese patent number 5355501)

Through the development of a low-temperature regenerative dehumidification system, the entire temperature & humidity control range is now frost-free and continuous operation time has been extended. The humidity range in the lows has been expanded.

Continue operation with the automatic backup function when trouble occurs

If a problem occurs with a part of the chamber, the remaining devices can be flexibly run to continue its operation, making it unnecessary to stop the test. As an example, if the humidifier breaks, the system will switch to temperature operation automatically.

Employs a steam humidification system for improved efficiency

The externally installed steam humidification system is scale-forming resistant by design, with a self-cleaning mechanism which is done by refreshing the humidifying water. The externally installed steam humidification system is scale-forming resistant by design, with a self-cleaning mechanism which is done by refreshing the humidifying water. The cleaning activation timing can be set through the controller, and its cleaning can be done without taking a step in the chamber.

Automatic backup function

Anti-fogging viewing window

The viewing window on the door has a deposited transparent metal layer, which works as a heater to prevent it from fogging. The heater is turned ON automatically, depending on the temperature conditions. A larger window is also available as an option.

An automatic control system to quickly respond to load changes

Simply by setting the temperature and humidity conditions, the automatic control system works at its maximum capacity up to the settings. But once it reaches the settings, it will shift its capacity to its minimum, just to maintain the set conditions. It can quickly respond to door openings and changes in heat loads during testing to create a constantly stable testing environment.

Noise level in test area reduced by 10 dB (Traditional machine comparison: Mechanical compartment ACU10)

Improved aerodynamic design in the ducts not only enhanced its temperature and humidity performance, but it also helped its noise level in the test area. In addition to the advance in airflow, soundproofing materials have been added to the air conditioning compartment to further reduce its noise emissions to the surrounding area.

Control area

Viewing window
(W180 mm x H289 mm )

Option: Large viewing window
(W440 mm x H295 mm)

Chamber interior