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Total load resistance Shelf load capacity
(Included shelf weight)
Floor load Inside dimension
(W x H x D)
Ramp Rate Range
30 5 - 410 x 370 x 460 mm Std within 5 min Temperature : -70°C to +200°C

TSA series (Fixed test area type - Damper type, two/three zones)

Conform to global testing standards such as IEC 60068-2-14 Na and MIL-STD-883K. Test area capacity: 40L to 300L

Thermal shock without moving test specimens

TSA series is designed to evaluate reliability of test specimens by rapid change of the air temperatures from hot to cold repeatedly by opening and closing of damper in a single test area. You can get accurate test results without any mechanical impact on test specimens because a test area does not move. Fixed test area type can save testing time because transfer time of the specimen from one chamber to the other is not necessary, also suitable for testing large size, heavy specimens and/or testing many small devices at one time.

Highly accurate temperature recovery

The conditioned air is pre-cooled or pre-heated beyond the setpoint, allowing quicker recovery of the desired condition.

Easy access to specimens

Wiring to specimens is simple and easy, also the cables are supported and secured in its position because the test area does not move. Monitoring and data acquisition of test specimens is easy through cable port, too.

TSE-12 (Elevator type, two zones)

Compact type thermal shock
Test area capacity: 11L

Optimized size for low-volume testing

The compact thermal shock chamber answers to the need for small or low-volume specimens testing. Featuring a wide test area in a slim design, the TSE chamber offers high performances that meet severe test requirements.

Quick temperature recovery

The two zone test system (+150°C to -65°C) achieves temperature recovery time of less than 5 min, without auxiliary cooling.

Meeting International Standards

The TSE chamber achieves various tests from major international standards such as MIL, JIS…

TSD-101 (Elevator type, two zones)

Large capacity, small footprint
Test area capacity: 100L

Uniform thermal stress performances

The two-zone thermal shock chambers have been developed to meet major International standards for thermal shock testing. Achieving uniform thermal stress and outstanding temperature distribution performances, the 100L test area fits for a wide range of applications in the field of research, development, inspection, and production.

Meeting International Standards

TSD chamber achieves various tests from major international standards such as MIL, IEC, JIS.

Reduced power consumption

Energy saving is a great matter for us. The TSD chamber integrates many features, such as a refrigeration capacity control, to reduce the power consumption by 30%.

Energy Efficient Design

Network solutions

Control and monitor your chamber on-site or remotely,edit and transfer programs from one chamber to another,and receive email alerts even on your mobile.


Series Model Temperature range Inside dimensions (mm)
(two/three zones)
TSA-43EL High temp. exposure:Ambient temp. +50 to +200°C W240×H460×D370
TSA-73EL Low temp. exposure:–65 to 0°C  W410×H460×D370
TSA-103EL   W650×H460×D370
TSA-203EL   W650×H460×D670
TSA-303EL W970×H460×D670
TSA-73ES High temp. exposure:+60 to +200°C W410×H460×D370
TSA-103ES Low temp. exposure:–70 to 0°C W650×H460×D370
TSA-203ES   W650×H460×D670
TSA–73EH High temp. exposure:+60 to +200°C W410×H460×D370
Low temp. exposure:–70 to 0°C
(two zones)
TSE-12-A High temp. exposure: +60 to +200°C W320×H148×D230
Low temp. exposure: -65 to 0°C 
(two zones)
TSD-101-W High temp. exposure: +60 to +205°C
Low temp. exposure: -77 to 0°C