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Total load resistance Shelf load capacity
(Included shelf weight)
Floor load Inside dimension
(W x H x D)
Ramp Rate Range
- 2 - 290 x 350 x 520 mm Hot bath
Heat up rate : RT to +200°C within 90 min
Pull down rat : +150 to +60°C within 100 min
Hot bath: +70 to +200°C
Cold bath
Heat up rate : -65 to 0°C within 65 min
Pull down rat : RT to -65°C within 90 min
Cold bath: -60 to 0°C


Conform to EU vehicle standards that are compliant with IEC standards.

A change of temperature test

Test standard conformance

The ability of specimens to withstand rapid changes in temperature can be checked by dipping them alternately in high-temperature and low-temperature tanks to apply severe thermal shocks. Specimens can be evaluated faster than with air-to-air thermal shock testing because rapid temperature changes can be applied to specimens by exposing them to liquids that have already reach the testing temperature.

Test area transfer time less than 10 seconds

Conforms to MIL-STD-883J. Transfers between the hot bath and cold bath utilize an air cylinder system that suppresses the vibration of specimens.

Long-life LED lights for enhanced visibility

LED lights give you a clear view of transfer area to check specimen.

International Standards

Safety of machinery (ISO 12100), Low voltages (IEC 60204), and EMC (IEC 61000-6-2 and IEC 61000-6-4). It is also RoHS- and Pressure Equipment Directive-compliant.

Test area transfer

TestStandard Conformance

A various mechanisms to reduce brine consumptions

To reduce brine consumption, the airtightness of the test area has been enhanced to prevent vapor leakage and brine evaporation. Numerous mechanisms have also been adopted, including a water separation filter for removing brine from water for the purpose of brine recycling. As a result, these new chamber models have reduced brine consumption by approximately 65% compared to the preceding model (TSB-5).

Both single-fluid and dual-fluid brine applicable

TSB chambers guarantee a single-fluid (Galden®) as standard, and either a single-fluid brine or dual-fluid brine can be selected simply by switching the valve.

Energy savings achieved

Dramatic energy savings have been achieved through the adoption of a new refrigeration circuit, with power consumption slashed by as much as 53% (compared to former ESPEC models).

Improved noise level

The operation noise level of the chamber has been reduced to as low as 65 dB (A-characteristic) by providing soundproofing panels for the noise-emitting machine compartment, including the refrigerator.

Size variations available

Spesimen baskets are available in 2.1-L, 4.5-L, 10-L, 15-L, and 30-L capacities (approximate sizes).